Actual Wedding Trends of 2013

Actual Wedding Trends of 2013, According To Yellow Umbrella Events – The Low Down On What Real Couples Are Doing

There are always so called “experts” in every field that tout the next big thing in their industry – and the events industry is no different. In a quick search this morning of wedding trends for 2013 I found that small weddings were the new trend. I also found that larger weddings were the new trend. I found several that told us that vintage was officially out and I found just as many that said vintage was here to say. In my research, what I basically saw was that the next big trend of 2013 ended up being whatever that particular “expert” liked at the moment. So, who to believe? What really is the next big thing and who really decides anyway?

Trends are actually determined in a number of ways – one being the clothes we wear. A lot of the trends are lead by the fashion industry. Each season fashion buffs everywhere wait for the the latest runway fashions to be released and these clothes often set the tone of that season. The colors and style of the various pieces often make their way into the event world.

But that’s not the only way that trends are set. Quite frankly, the experts can only follow trends and then predict what they think will happen next. You, the couple/event thrower, are the one that spends the money on your event and you are the ultimate decider of what the current (and future) trends are. Where your money is, there will your retailers heart be also!

So, based on what my actual couples are purchasing and designing I am going to make my own “next big thing for 2013” predictions.

1.)    Do Your Own Thing – My clients no longer feel compelled to make their wedding just like everyone else’s. They do what they want. They choose the parts of the ceremony that speak to them and only include things that they personally feel connected to. They don’t have to have the garter toss if they don’t like it. They don’t need a champagne toast if it feels too formal. Their dogs are the ring bearer. They simply choose what works for them and they don’t stress about the rest. This is absolutely my favorite trend in weddings because I feel like we’re getting to see much more personalized experiences that truly represent the couple.

2.)    They Love Purple – I am seeing so much purple right now! Light purple, dark purple, red mixed with purple, purple, purple, purple. I can tell you for a fact that I did not see this coming. Tangerine, according to Pantone, was to be the color that rocked our world this year. But Pantone be damned, purple it is. A straight 50% of my 2013 couples have chosen purple as their color. I wondered what I had on my website that was leading our clients to think that I was the purple princess but there is nothing that I could find. They just love purple. So be it.

3.)    Weekend Events – Hosting full weekend events has been the trend for some time and it seems to be continuing with force straight into 2013. My couples are looking for venues that offer on site lodging for their guests so everyone can be together. They are trying to find both upscale and affordable options all in the same place. Nicer resort hotels with varying price options seem to fit the bill for this type of couple. They’re looking for options for their guests like spa experiences, canoeing, campfires, and more. I think this is particularly great for couples with a high number of out of town guests. If you’re going to go to the expense to fly in for a wedding, you may as well stay the whole weekend and have a blast!

4.)    Over The Top Dresses – Nope, we can not get enough Say Yes To The Dress! And apparently, neither can our brides. It’s become somewhat of an obsession at our house. Even my 10 year old son watches with great interest. The rise of this show has made it seem normal to shell out many thousands for a wedding dress. Kudos to Kleinfeld’s fabulous marketing. And it seems to be trickling down to just about every price point. Our couples feel that they need to be just as grand as the rest of their wedding and are doing it up big with stunner dresses and extraordinary suits. I don’t see this trend leaving us any time soon. So, go ahead, Say Yes to that dress (or suit)!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my Actual Wedding Trends of 2013. You probably won’t see them in any magazine anytime soon. But you will definitely see tangerine.

Cheryl Bailey
Owner, Yellow Umbrella Events
Austin’s Wedding Planner