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Actual Wedding Trends For 2014

Last wedding season we posted a blog about the ACTUAL wedding trends that we were seeing from our REAL brides, as opposed to what some magazine says you’re supposedly doing. I, personally, hate being told what I’m supposed to be totally in to right now and prefer to make my choices based on what I actually like instead. Go figure. So, last years trends blog was such a huge success that we decided to follow in its footsteps and have another go at it!

The following trends are not based on what The Knot, Modern Bride, David Tutera, or anyone else says are the trends – and were not even necessarily disagreeing with them. We’re just saying that we have based these trends on actual purchases (and rentals) from wedding vendors in the local Austin market for weddings that are taking place in our area in 2014.

Lace Dresses – We figured that we would start at the beginning with one of the first purchases a bride makes for her wedding – the dress. The lace dress trend picked up steam in 2013 and is still going strong in 2014. In fact, we think that we are seeing more lace dresses in 2014 than we did last year – with a bit of a twist. Last years lace was heavily bent toward the vintage country style while the 2014’s lace dresses are super elegant! The lace is heavier and more extravagant in some cases but sweeter and more intricate in others. We think this trend will probably be around for a couple more years so we hope you love it!

Source - Martina Liana & Veluz Reyes

Source – Martina Liana & Veluz Reyes

Metallic Gold – We make no apologies – gold was on our list last year and it’s still turning our heads. But in a different way. It’s not just showing up in your flatware and dishes anymore. A lot of the local brides are using metallic gold on their wedding cake – a trend that we are in love with! If you don’t already know, we’re suckers for an awesome (and delicious) cake and when you can incorporate a shiny gold layer, count us in.

Here’s two great examples –



courtesy of

courtesy of

Watercolor (it’s last years ombre) – We’re not even going to hide the fact that this is our favorite trend of the year! Maybe even our favorite trend of the last few years. It is so versatile, can be used with just about any color palette, and is not nearly as trendy (read – easily dated when you look back at your wedding pictures in the future) as ombre. Don’t get us wrong – we love the ombre trend but we think that watercolor is a more sophisticated way to go about it. It is showing up in cakes and invitations right now and we see it becoming a much greater part of the wedding as a whole theme in the next year or so.

We found these 3 watercolor invitations on Pinterest that we thought you might like –

Beautiful use of the watercolor trend in invitations

Beautiful use of the watercolor trend in invitations


Elegant use of watercolor invitations

Elegant use of watercolor invitations

Do it yourself purple watercolor invitations

Do it yourself purple watercolor invitations

Fantastic Parties – Yeah yeah, we know, all weddings are supposed to be fantastic parties, but let’s face it, you and I both know that’s not always the case! We are hearing more than ever this year that our brides want to WOW their guests and are asking for ways to make their wedding more memorable so they stand out from all of their friend’s weddings. And we’re filling this desire in some really cool ways – upscale coffee bars, specialty lighting that changes colors to the beat of the music, whiskey tastings, and cigar rollers, just to name a few.

Lighting Design

Bye Bye Chevron – We know you loved it last year, but Chevron is on the outs this year and is being replaced with lighter patterns – no more bold lines and geometrics, except for some occurrences of metallic gold chevron still hanging on! In fact, we’re seeing more usage of textured fabrics taking the place of patterns all together. Like this one we’re using for an upcoming wedding –

Pink Champagne Bliss Tablecloth

Well, there you have it – a few of the ACTUAL wedding trends we’re seeing for 2014 weddings in the Austin area. Did we miss your favorite new wedding trend? Then let us know!


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  1. Mylah Renae says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I ADORE these trends and have definitely been seeing them at weddings, as well! The gold, watercolors, and textured fabrics are my favorites!

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