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Destination weddings are an excellent option for most couples, but can often come with a lot more stress if you’re trying to have a destination wedding that doesn’t quite fit into the “standard package” offered by most resorts – or if you don’t want to have your destination wedding at a resort at all.

Yellow Umbrella Events - Destination Wedding ExpertIf your destination wedding fits any of the following –

  • Includes 50 or more guests
  • Has all the bells and whistles (decor and design elements) of a traditional at-home wedding
  • Involves vendors that you may be bringing from home
  • More closely resembles a wedding you would have at home
  • Has multiple events over several days – Welcome Reception, Rehearsal Dinner, Morning After Brunch, etc.
  • Or, if you just simply already know that you want the help of a personal wedding planner to help you plan your wedding from the beginning

Then our Total Destination Planning service is the choice for you.

You’re going to truly appreciate and value having a team of wedding pros working for you, on site before your arrival, throughout your wedding events, and possibly after the wedding day!

What does that look like for you?

Hotel El Gonzo in Los Cabos

Hotel El Gonzo in Los Cabos

Without our Total Destination Planning service we’re with you from the very beginning steps of planning (deciding on a location, finding a venue, establishing a budget) through the final wrap up at the end of your wedding day.

It includes all of the planning steps that we take for every wedding – venue discovery and selection, vendor planning, complete design and decor plan and execution, venue space planning and layouts, timelines, and on-site event planning and vendor management.

We want you to have a truly enjoyable destination wedding, as stress-free as possible. Isn’t that one of the reasons you chose a destination wedding in the first place?!

Not sure which destination planning service is best for you? Please give us a call at 512-902-2743 and we can answer all of your planning questions.

Ready to get Started?

“I hired Cheryl as my full-service wedding coordinator. She was indispensable in the weeks leading up to the wedding, throughout the wedding weekend, and over the course of the year of wedding planning. She helped with vendor selection, coordinated with vendors, helped with decor choices, made small money-saving suggestions here and there, kept me on track, kept things VERY organized, and the list could go on. She truly thinks of EVERYTHING down to bringing dinner and dessert to the hotel room for a midnight dinner! Her husband, Shea, was also great. None of the boys knew how to tie bow ties, and he ensured they all looked wonderful on the day of the wedding! I think wedding coordinators are a must-have, and Cheryl was wonderful! Hire her, and you won’t be disappointed!” – Michele Jefferys