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For couples that want a wedding planner with them every step of the way, taking care of all of their wedding details and logistics.

We can’t wait to plan your destination wedding with you! A destination wedding is an excellent option for most couples, but can often come with a lot more stress if you’re trying to have a destination wedding that doesn’t quite fit into the “standard package” offered by most resorts – or if you don’t want to have your destination wedding at a resort at all.

We’ll begin with your initial wedding planning call, where we’ll go over all of the details of your wedding day – what you both like and don’t like and what your vision for your wedding day might be (if you have one). We’ll discuss things like colors, styles, food, music preference, budget, and all around everything wedding day related. By the end of this planning call we’ll have a great idea of what your wedding is shaping up to look like. That’s when the work for our team begins and where you get to take a break from stressing about wedding details.

After this meeting, we really get to work for you! Our team will do things like:

  • Narrow down great resort options
  • Develop an overall design plan for your wedding
  • Prepare rental orders for china, glassware, tents, and more 
  • Gather vendor proposals and review contracts for the various aspects of your wedding – photographer and videographer, flowers, decor, musicians, food, bar, ice sculptures, fireworks – you name it!

One pre event on site meeting in your chosen destination is included at no additional charge with our planning service (travel fees may apply) where we will walk the resort spaces (ceremony, cocktail area, and reception) and discuss the flow of guests from one space to another, work through the overall floor plan, how we’ll position the furnishings, and answer any logistical questions you may have.

In the time leading up to your wedding, we’ll be composing a detailed timeline for you, your wedding party, and the wedding vendors. We will also arrange things like shuttle service, hotel room blocks, and other wedding related services.

We’ll be on site to lead your wedding rehearsal – typically held the day before your wedding. We’re also usually the first to arrive on the wedding day to oversee each and every vendor, ensuring that your wedding day runs smoothly. We’ll assist the wedding party and guests with things like pinning boutonnieres, sewing buttons (that inevitably fall off the guy’s jackets), directing wedding guests, and much more. This allows us to spot any areas of concern before they turn into bigger issues. On that same note – we’re usually the last people out the door at the end of the night. Because now it all has to be packed up! And usually in an hour or less.

And we believe that Your Style Is Our Style! We work hard to create a unique and customized wedding, that perfectly reflects each of our couples. That means that we take the time to learn about who you are as a couple, your style sense and personality, and what you love in your life. Though our portfolio reflects consistently well-curated designs, you’ll notice that not every wedding we’ve planned has the same look – and we’re proud of that! We want to hear what you have in mind – a small destination elopement or a massive wedding with hundreds of guests (or something in between), a boho beach ceremony, an elaborate ballroom affair, or even having your wedding in a cave! We feel like your wedding should reflect your combined personal style and tastes, not ours.

Yellow Umbrella Events - Destination Wedding ExpertIf your destination wedding fits any of the following –

  • Includes 50 or more guests
  • Has all the bells and whistles (decor and design elements) of a traditional at-home wedding
  • Involves vendors that you may be bringing from home or want to hire locally
  • More closely resembles a wedding you would have at home
  • Possibly has multiple events over several days – Welcome Party or Sunset Cruise, Rehearsal Dinner, Morning After Brunch, etc.
  • Or, if you just simply already know that you want the help of a personal wedding planner to help you plan your wedding from the very beginning

…then our Total Destination Planning service is the choice for you.

You’re going to truly appreciate and value having a team of wedding pros working for you, on site before your arrival, throughout your wedding events, and possibly after the wedding day!

We want your wedding day to be a stress-free day for everyone – you, the wedding party, your parents. We would love for you to simply relax on your wedding day – hang out with your friends, get dressed at your leisure, and JUST SHOW UP to your wedding. No decorations to fuss with, no tables and chairs to set up, not having to deal with multiple questions from multiple different vendors, no worries! Yep, we just want you to ENJOY the whole experience and have the chance to truly take it all in. Isn’t that one of the reasons you chose a destination wedding in the first place?!


In a nutshell, what does our Full Service Destination Wedding Planning Service look like for you?

Hotel El Gonzo in Los Cabos

Hotel El Gonzo in Los Cabos

We’re here with you from the very beginning steps of planning (deciding on a location, finding a venue, establishing a budget) through the final wrap up at the end of your wedding day.

It includes all of the planning steps that we take for every wedding – venue discovery and selection, vendor planning, complete design and decor plan and execution, venue space planning and layouts, timelines, and on-site event planning and vendor management.

If this sounds like your kind of wedding day, we’d love to work with you!

Give us a call at 512-902-2743 or email us here. 

We can’t wait to plan with you!

Ready to get Started?

“I hired Cheryl as my full-service wedding coordinator. She was indispensable in the weeks leading up to the wedding, throughout the wedding weekend, and over the course of the year of wedding planning. She helped with vendor selection, coordinated with vendors, helped with decor choices, made small money-saving suggestions here and there, kept me on track, kept things VERY organized, and the list could go on. She truly thinks of EVERYTHING down to bringing dinner and dessert to the hotel room for a midnight dinner! Her husband, Shea, was also great. None of the boys knew how to tie bow ties, and he ensured they all looked wonderful on the day of the wedding! I think wedding coordinators are a must-have, and Cheryl was wonderful! Hire her, and you won’t be disappointed!” – Michele Jefferys