The “Glitter Pear”

A couple of weeks ago, Yellow Umbrella Events, along with Margot Blair Floral, Crave Catering, Francois Photography, Loot Vintage Rentals, Debi’s Bridal, Onion Creek Salon and Day Spa, Intelligent Lighting Design, and Mancino Iron, created a custom wedding designed room for Austin Wedding Day’s Engaged! In Austin Bridal Show hosted by the Westin at the Domain.  Our design room had an outdoor modern vintage look and the goal was to show brides how they could have the feeling of an outdoor wedding in an indoor environment.

All of our partners contributed different elements that brought this goal to life. Loot Vintage Rentals supplied all of our beautiful vintage furniture and Intelligent Lighting Design created the outdoor feel by casting shadows of trees on the walls of Midnight in the Garden of good roomour room.  This also demonstrated how you can use lighting to hide unwanted aspects of the room, like the sliding air wall that hotels often use to separate two rooms.

Our completed design room truly exceeded our expectations.  As with anything you create and set up on a deadline, it is always the small last minute details that seem to attract the most attention.  This time was no different.  After months of designing and redesigning the room while collaborating with each room member on what they could contribute and how their services could be highlighted, the one thing that stood out as the clear winner was a simple pear that came to be known as “The Glitter Pear”.

Yes, a simple pear sprinkled with glitter was the show stopper.  After all of the time invested on designing everything else in the room, the item that was the easiest and least expensive to create, was the one thing in the room that EVERYONE was attracted to as soon as they walked into the room.  People even noticed them from the hallway as they were walking by and were drawn into our room.  We overheard many conversations about how they thought it was such a unique idea and how it could be incorporated into their wedding.  Everyone was surprised to learn that the pears were real and not fake.  Although pictures and video were not allowed in any of the rooms, people were still sneaking pictures of the “Glitter Pears” as they were being shielded by an accomplice.  And they thought we didn’t notice!

It was such a hit that we’ve decided to share with each of you our new video on how to create the beautiful and unique “Glitter Pears” so you can incorporate it wherever needed.  Obviously, you can use other fruits and vegetables depending on your preference.  If you enjoy this informative video presented by Cheryl Bailey, be on the lookout for more of our unique “how to” videos.  Go to our Facebook page and tell us what you want to learn more about.  Enjoy the video!

Shea Bailey Yellow Umbrella EventsR. Shea Bailey

Austin’s Wedding Planner
Owner, Yellow Umbrella Events