The Cost Difference Between a Resort Hotel Wedding VS a Venue Wedding

Bridesmaids at Hyatt Lost Pines

Deciding between a Resort Hotel Wedding and a Venue Wedding is tough. There are so many factors to consider – will your guests want to stay on site, where all of their needs are attended to throughout the wedding weekend? Or would they prefer to be on their own and explore the city? Does a Wedding Venue have enough space to accommodate a large group like yours? Will the Resort Wedding feel intimate and personal in such a large space? And inevitably, the discussion will turn to the cost differences between a Resort Hotel wedding and a Venue wedding. Some of our couples (and their parents) tell us that they want to avoid a Resort Hotel wedding because it would be completely out of the budget, while others will say that they want to have a Resort Hotel wedding because it is more budget friendly.

So who’s right? Because there are so many variables with each individual wedding, both are correct assumptions. And today we’re going to give you a cost comparison for each! So, fasten your seat belts because we’re about to throw a whole bunch of numbers at ya’!

The following Cost Assumptions are based on:

  • 250 Guests
  • Peak Season Rental (Spring or Fall)
  • Ceremony & Reception are happening at the same location
  • Budget of $100,000


Ceremony & Reception Location                         $7,000
    **Security required                                              $500
    **Wedding Insurance Required                        $600
Officiant                                                                      $450
Caterer                                                                       $30,000
Alcohol                                                                        $6,250
Florist                                                                          $13,000
Cake Info                                                                    $3,000
Photographer                                                            $6,000
Rental   (China Service & Bar)                               $4,500
Rental   (Tables, Chairs, Linens)                          $4,700  
Band                                                                            $5,500
Lighting                                                                       $4,500
Videographer                                                             $3,500
Invitations/Printing                                                    $4,500
Hair & Make Up  (Bride + Bridesmaids)               $1,500  
Transportation                                                           $4,500

Grand Total                                                              $100,000

**Please keep in mind that these numbers are based on 3 – 5 passed appetizers, salad course, full seated service dinner, bar services, labor from set up to clean up, kitchen rentals, full open bar with name brand liquors for 5 hours, full china service for each guest (appetizers, dinner, cake, bar glasses, napkins), tables, chairs, linens, complete up lighting of the venue, ceiling wash, pinspots on tables, on sight lighting tech, brides cake, grooms cake, and all delivery, service fees, taxes, and more.

For our Resort Hotel Wedding, we’re actually going to use Hyatt Lost Pines in Bastrop, Texas as our example. We’re so familiar with their resort and have worked with them a number of times, so it’s easy to give you a true cost analysis on the spot.

Just so you know, the pricing breakdown is going to be a little different at a hotel. While some of your vendors (like your Photographer and your Band) are going to be the same cost, either at a Wedding Venue or a Resort Hotel, a hotel will have all of the venue, ceremony site fees, catering, bar, china, tables, chairs, linens, staffing, labor, tips, and taxes all rolled into one – so the initial price will seem larger (and scarier) than a venue, due to this.


Ceremony & Reception Spaces                           $56,000
Catering & Bar
Officiant                                                                      $450
Florist                                                                         $13,000
Cake                                                                           $3,000
Photographer                                                            $6,000 
Band                                                                            $5,500
Lighting                                                                       $4,500
Videographer                                                             $3,500
Invitations/Printing                                                    $4,500
Hair & Make Up  (Bride + Bridesmaids)               $1,500  

Grand Total                                                             $97,950

You might have noticed that the transportation costs were missing from the cost breakdown. We left this out on purpose since most of our Resort Hotel couples have no reason to provide transportation, since most of their guests will stay on site and can easily walk to their rooms at the end of the night.

You can see by the budget projection that the cost difference between the two are really quite minimal – so you don’t have to worry about choosing one over the other for this reason alone. So, what if you don’t have a $100K budget? The cost comparison runs pretty close, even if your budget is more like $50K.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of the cost differences associated with a Resort Hotel Wedding VS a Venue Wedding, and helps to demystify the prices of each.

Please feel free to ask us questions in the comments section below or give us a call at #512-902-2743 to discuss your wedding at any time.