Yellow Umbrella Events Breaks Down The True Cost of a Twilight: Breaking Dawn Wedding

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Alright you Twilight fans, Team Edward, Team Jacob, and lovers of all things Twilight, this post is for you. There’s been much talk around the blogosphere about this movie – particularly the wedding scene. Those of you that have read the books have probably waited for years for the release of this movie and now that you’ve seen it you just can’t get enough. There’s hardly a day that goes by in our offices that there’s not some mention of the Twilight wedding. And the conversation usually goes a little something like this:

Bride: So I just love the Twilight movies and I was thinking that maybe we could do something like that for the flowers at my wedding. I am so in love with how the flowers just kind of drip from the sky, ya know?!

Us: Oh my gosh, we totally understand. We absolutely love it too. It is so over-the-top. We can totally do that… But, the cost of the florals alone is more than your current entire wedding budget.

Bride: (Jaw drops)Are you serious???!!!twilight-table

Us: Unfortunately, yes. (Sad face from our staff)

And that’s it in a nutshell. So now you’re probably wondering, like everyone else, just how much would it cost to have a Twilight wedding? To answer that question we’ll have to look at a number of different factors. For the sake of this little financial experiment, we’re going to assume that you already own a rockin’ cool place in the middle of the woods with really awesome trees that provide just the right amount of open space for seating for about 75 or so guests (or at least that’s how many it looks like there are in the pictures).

Bella's Wedding DressAs a matter fact, there are so many little details, that we’re just going to focus on the cost of the things you can easily see by looking at the pictures of the wedding. The dress is the easy part. Its replica can be purchased from Alfred Angelo and it only costs $800. Easy enough. Pop in. Try it on. Place your order. Done. The ring was easy as well. It was handed down through Edwards family, no charge.

As guests were arriving, they were treated to about 3 miles of Christmas lights, according to the actual book. If you choose the DIY path and hang them all yourself you’re still looking at a cost of about $9000 for Christmas lights alone. We’re going to assume that you have the help of many, many of your friends to help you string those 3 miles of Christmas lights.

And now here comes the fun part – the flowers. The book states that the Cullen’s decorated their house with over 20,000 flowers alone. And from the information that I can find, the ceremony itself (as in, all the pretty stuff dripping from the trees) would have had over 160,000 pieces of white wisteria if we were to replicate this in real life! Wowza!! I took this information and gave it to my good friend Carly, with Margot Blair Floral, in Austin, Texas. (Side note: If you’re in Austin and ever need a florist, you should definitely check them out. They rock!) This is the note that she gave to me:

twilight flower pictureIf they really did use 160,000 wisteria…Let’s just say they would cost $3.00/stem (a ridiculously conservative estimate). That alone would run $480,000. Add in the other 20,000 flowers for the house, at the still super conservative estimate of $3.00 per stem, and you’re already at $540,000!

But that aside, here’s the breakdown…

A typical florist in our area would charge about $350 per bush that is lining the aisle.  There appear to be 4 on each side, making that $2,800. We can estimate about $25/sq ft for densely packed rose petals…say the aisle is 5ft across and 20ft long… $2,500 for aisle petals. That archway is a beautiful beast, but I would have to imagine that it would cost at least $5,000 to get that effect. Typical wedding party flowers cost at least $1,000. The head table at the reception would run about $1,500-$3,000.  A smaller guest table arrangement comparable to it would probably be $500/table.  For a 50 – 75 person wedding (I read somewhere that was the guest count) so maybe 8 tables = $5,500+ in table arrangements. Those cake flowers would cost at least $750.

Totaling at $16,500+ for the items that I see (not including the $540,000 previously mentioned).

So there you have it folks, nearly $540,000 in flowers alone!

twilight cakeThe cake is easy enough. Five tier. White. Buttercream. Adorned with flowers. Depending on flavors and fillings, around $1,000 – $1,500.

The live band will set you back at least $5,000. And we’re still not finished. There are a number of other pieces of this amazing wedding – the caterer, the bartender, the photographer, the various rentals, the lighting, those utterly amazing handmade benches, and more – that we could go into great detail on. But I think you get the point.

The bottom line – If your wedding spending plan is upwards of half a million dollars, we can give you the wedding of your (and Bella’s) dreams!

Are you using any elements from the movie in your wedding?  If so, leave a reply for everyone below.

Cheryl Bailey
Owner, Yellow Umbrella Events
Austin’s Wedding Planner

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