We Won Best Design at Premiere Settings Austin!


In case you haven’t heard, Premiere Party Central held a design competition for Austin event planners at the Palmer Events Center recently.

And it was kind of a big deal!

Premiere Events selected 12 of the top event planners in Austin to compete in a design competition. We were to incorporate their rental items and design a table around the theme “Chocolat”. Other than those guidelines, we were left to our own devices.

The prize – $1,000 to the charity of our choice. I knew right away that I wanted to win this because I desperately wanted that thousand bucks to go to Restore A Voice, an organization that works to end human trafficking in Austin.

We were lucky enough to snag Beth O’Reilly from The Flower Studio and we went right to work designing. I had an idea to build a “Chocolate Giving Tree” that appeared to simply grow straight through the table and have chocolate flowers growing from it, but had no idea is this was feasible at all. Enter Beth, who just happens to have a degree in sculpture – who knew?! What a great match we were, because she took my vision and brought it to life in ways that blew me away. When the project was complete and the judging began I stared at our completed design in awe. It looked exactly how I had envisioned it in my head!

Here’s the original sketch that we started from:

Chocolate Giving Tree

And this was the final product – amazing!!

Chocolate Giving Tree

What a great table! It’s called a ghost table and it’s available for rent at Premiere Events.

Chocolate Giving Tree

Chocolate Giving Tree

You may not realize it, but this amazing tree is nearly 9 feet tall!

We had another part of our team that was equally amazing – Simon Lee Bakery. I asked Judy if she could make flowers out of white chocolates so we could have them “growing” from our Chocolate Giving Tree, and boy did she deliver! Check out the detail on these trumpet flowers:

Chocolate Molded Trumpet Flower

Trumpet Flower

She also made these beautiful hand painted quote “cards” out of chocolate. Look closely – the chargers are actually chocolate too!

Chocolate Place Cards

Beth, from The Flower Studio, did an outstanding job on the base (trunk) of the tree. It was so realistic! It looks like we just uprooted it from the forest.

The green tint that you’re seeing is from the beautiful uplighting provided by Intelligent Lighting Design.

Tree Base

Here are some more of the details of the design. These flowers were part of the ombre floral and grass runner that ran the length of the entire table. You’re also seeing the china service and glassware from Premiere Events:


Every vendor on our team deserves a standing ovation for their work. We are so proud that we get to work with such phenomenal people every day and it was great to have an opportunity to showcase a little of what we can do. This was such an exciting competition against the best of the best on our local industry. You can not imagine how excited we were when they called our name! Here are some of the members of our team posing with THE BIG CHECK:


Thanks to Azulox Photography, we have these beautiful images to share with you.

If you’d like to see the pictures of the entire event (ahem….our competition) check out the full blog of photos on Premiere Party Central’s site here – http://premierepartycentral.wordpress.com/2013/03/28/premiere-settings/

One last thing – Wondering how much this would cost to replicate for your next event?? About $15,000. Call me 🙂