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The Whole Shebang! is for the couple that wants a wedding planner with them every step of the way, taking care of all of their wedding logistics.


Pricing begins at $6,000

$2,000 each additional event (Rehearsal Dinner, Morning After Brunch, etc)

We’ll begin with your initial planning meeting, where we’ll go over all of the details of your wedding day – what you both like and don’t like and what your vision for your wedding day might be (if you have one). We’ll discuss things like colors, styles, food, music preference, budget, and all around everything wedding day related. By the time you leave this meeting, we’ll have a really good idea of what your wedding is shaping up to look like. That’s when the work for our team begins and where you get to take a break from stressing about wedding details.

After this meeting, we really get to work for you! Our team will do things like:

  • Develop an overall design plan for your wedding
  • Prepare rental orders for china, glassware, tents, and more
  • Gather vendor proposals and review contracts for the various aspects of your wedding – flowers, musicians, food, bar, ice sculptures, fireworks – you name it!
  • Schedule and attend meetings with vendors, like the caterer, cake shop, florist, and more

We’ll also likely be visiting your wedding venue to walk the spaces (ceremony, cocktail area, and reception) and discuss the flow of guests from one space to another, work through the overall floor plan, how we’ll position the furnishings, and answer any logistical questions you may have.

In the time leading up to your wedding, we’ll be composing a detailed timeline for you, your wedding party, and the wedding vendors. We will also arrange things like shuttle service, hotel room blocks, and other wedding related services.

We’ll be on site to lead your wedding rehearsal – typically held the day before your wedding. We’re also usually the first to arrive on the wedding day to oversee each and every vendor, ensuring that your wedding day runs smoothly. We’ll assist the wedding party and guests with things like pinning boutonnieres, sewing buttons (that inevitably fall off the guy’s jackets), directing wedding guests, and much more. This allows us to spot any areas of concern before they turn into bigger issues. On that same note – we’re usually the last people out the door at the end of the night. Because now it all has to happen in reverse! And usually in an hour or less.

We want your wedding day to be a stress-free day for everyone – you, the wedding party, your parents. We would love for you to simply relax on your wedding day – hang out with your friends, get dressed at your leisure, and JUST SHOW UP to your wedding. No decorations to fuss with, no tables and chairs to set up, no worries! Yep, we just want you to ENJOY the whole experience and have the chance to truly take it all in.

If this sounds like your kind of wedding day, we’d love to work with you!

Please call 512-902-2743 or email us soon to schedule your meeting.

We’d love to plan your wedding – In the Austin, Texas area or in an all-inclusive resort in Mexico!

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“HIGHLY recommend Cheryl Bailey if you are looking for an event planner! She and her husband, Shea, were very professional and extremely knowledgeable. We hired Yellow Umbrella Events to plan our daughter’s wedding in Houston at The Astorian. They helped with everything…venue selection, budget, timeline, contracts, setting appointments, selecting vendors and Wedding Day details!! Everything was perfect!!!” – Cindy Burkett