Yellow Umbrella Events Chats About Lighting Choreography

The couple are twirling around the dance floor during their first dance as a married couple and just at that final moment when the bride/groom dips the bride/groom the lights change in an instant from soft blue to dramatic hot pink and the spot light suddenly shines on the happy couple as they kiss. Wow! If you’ve never experienced this type of excitement at a wedding you’re missing out. It’s called “Lighting Choreography” and it is designed to create dramatic moments!

Lighting Choreography is the use of various lights and lighting techniques to enhance the experience of a guest at an event or space. Lighting Choreography is a key component to creating an amazing jaw dropping event. You can set the entire mood of an event with just the color of lighting that you choose. Let me explain – You’ve probably seen pictures of the beautiful wintry weddings on Pinterest or other wedding sites where they have all the lit trees lining the aisles indoors and everything is white, white, and more white. Have you ever noticed the beautiful blue lights that are usually lighting up the picture? Without that light it’s just a decorated room. With the light it’s a mood. And that mood is soft, taking a walk in Central Park with my baby, holding hands, feeling the cool air on my face, hearing the crunch of snow under my feet. And all those feelings were made possible with Lighting Choreography!

(Watch this video of Lighting Choreography being used at one of our beautiful weddings! Video by Ovation Media.)

Maybe you’re happy with cool and calm for the ceremony but you’re the kind of couple that likes a party and wouldn’t dream of having this for the reception. In comes Lighting Choreography to save the day. If you want your guests out on the dance floor the whole night, your lighting choreographer will make your event lights change with the beat of the music. Red, Blue, Green, Hot Pink, Orange, Purple, and on and on – all to the beat of the music!

Using Lighting Choreography for events is a fantastic way to set just the right mood for your event and to treat your guests to a great experience. If you have questions about how you can use Lighting Choreography to enhance your wedding or corporate event please contact Yellow Umbrella Events.

Cheryl Bailey
Owner, Yellow Umbrella Events
Austin’s Wedding Planner