The Unexpected Guide

A Guide for Travel Agents on How to Prepare Your Business for Your Sudden Illness or Death

Welcome to our guide on preparing your business to survive the unexpected. As a business owner, you have invested significant time, energy, and resources into building and growing your enterprise. However, have you considered what will happen to your business if you were to suddenly become incapacitated or pass away?
Look, none of us really wants to talk about (or even think about) something bad happening to us or even our death! But it’s just a reality that 100% of us will die someday – and that statistically 23% of us will have to leave work or our business at some point in our lives due to a personal illness or the health/injury of a family member. (So really the name of this guide should be the “expected guide” because we can expect these things to occur, but I digress.)

It’s no fun to think about but it’s essential to plan for the unexpected to ensure that your business can continue to thrive in the future. This guide is designed to help you understand the steps necessary to prepare your business for your departure, including developing a succession plan, protecting your assets, and securing the future of your business.

So, let’s get you prepared!

The contents of this guide will:

  • Help you choose a helper, if you don’t already have a logical person in your life/business that can take on your business responsibilities.
  • List out all the business & personal documents that you need to have accessible to your helper/loved ones.
  • Walk you through the list of accounts, passwords, etc that you’ll need to have accessible to your helper/loved ones and how to manage these.
  • Give you some additional things to consider & recommendations moving forward.
  • And most importantly, this guide will give you comfort and Peace of Mind to know that your business will move forward in the way that you want it to if something were to remove you from your business temporarily or permanently.

Helping every single travel agent prepare for these unexpected life moments is so important to me that I am offering this guide completely free of charge to every travel agent! There is no catch. I never want any of your family members to experience the pain and difficulty of trying to put the pieces together of your business if you become incapacitated or pass away.

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