Our daughter grew up watching the Steve Martin version of “Father of the Bride”. I watched our daughter grow up knowing that I did not want a “wedding planner” when our daughter met the man of her dreams and got married. We would be able to do the planning ourselves. When I got married, I did not have a planner (other than my mother and we did exactly what my sister had done when she got married three years before. Hey! It was a different time.)

Our daughter met the most amazing man beyond her dreams and they eventually got engaged. She waded through all the vendors and chose the ones she wanted. I think it was about three months before the wedding that we started to think that maybe we wanted someone to help on the day of the wedding. I was surprised at the prices being quoted for someone to be around to make sure the bridesmaids went down the aisle in the right order and the male wedding party was at the alter before the girls went down the aisle.

After interviewing many vendors, our daughter selected Yellow Umbrella Events. We are so happy with that choice!

I first met Cheryl and her team when we did the tasting for reception. I was very impressed with her questionnaire and all the details she covered. I cannot imagine going through the rest of the wedding prep after the tasting without having Yellow Umbrella Events on board.

She covered every detail and the timeline. The bride and I were both so happy that we had them on our side as we prepared for the wedding.

The best part of having Cheryl and Yellow Umbrella Events on our team was the Thursday before the Saturday wedding. We met at the reception venue to go over the details. I was able to hand over clear bins with colored labels of everything from the ring bearer’s pillow, my grandmother’s cameo for the bouquet,the name cards for the tables at the reception, the bridal portraits, the ribbon wands for the exit from the reception and everything else for the wedding to Cheryl and her team. (I am a planner and organizer professionally.) I was able to take a big breath and realize I did not have to worry about those details again. I was able to be part of the amazing party of people including being with my siblings who had not been all together since my father’s funeral five years ago.

The team did such a great job with getting everyone where they needed to be the day of the wedding and getting everything ready for the reception. We were just able to enjoy having such an incredible gathering of two extended families and lots of wonderful friends and important people in the lives of everyone associated with the wedding.

A wedding is such a an important event in the lifetime of families. It is family history. One family story of thirty years is the wedding where the family had to clean and mop the floor after the wedding. I wish Yellow Umbrella Events had been around then. We would be still talking now about how great the party was instead of mopping the floor!

Hilda S. – Mother of the Bride

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