What can I say; Yellow Umbrella Events was simply the best!!  I was unsure how to navigate the wedding planning process and after attempting to do it myself for one day, I knew I needed help.  From my first conversation with Cheryl I knew I had found the right wedding planner.  I could tell that Cheryl and I were going to be on the same page in the planning process.  At our first official meeting it was such a great surprise that we would be working with not only Cheryl, but her husband Shea.  It was comforting knowing that my fiancé would be able to have someone paying close attention to him as well in the wedding process.  We planned our wedding in 6 months and the first hurdle was finding a venue.  After 12 hours of calls by Cheryl and Shea we had a venue.  That is time I could not have spent finding a venue myself.  Cheryl and Shea did it all, they found the venue, lined up the florist, cake maker, linens, chairs, DJ and string quartet.  Cheryl even came with me to help pick out my wedding dress.  She really was with me every step of the way.  I knew I could call at anytime and she would have an answer.  I feel like all of the vendors she guided me to were great and in the end the wedding was wonderful.  People kept telling me that I seemed like a stress free bride and I would always respond with the same answer “It is because I have an amazing wedding planner”.  The planning process is only half the story.  Cheryl and Shea were amazing on the wedding day.  I really was able to sit back and enjoy the day.  I had complete faith that they were taking care of everything.  The wedding day ran smooth, I was unaware of any issues and people were telling me how seamless it all seemed.  I owe a lot to Cheryl and Shea.  I know for years to come I will look back at my wedding as a joyous event, I only have positive memories.  I cannot recommend them enough if you want to make sure your wedding day is everything you ever wanted!!

Kerry & Brad – October, 2012

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