We loved Cheryl and Shea from Yellow Umbrella! Of course, anyone who is planning a wedding has some specific request. Our planning was complicated by new jobs, military moves, and a gazillion other things. This resulted in “binge planning.” We hit it hard in the first few weeks of planning. Cheryl arranged for us to find a venue, pick a caterer, baker, photographer, DJ, and florist all within a few weeks. I told cheryl I wanted planning to be streamlined. I gave her a general idea of what we were looking for and her team provided us with a few choices for everything. That was PERFECT! I picked this, said no to that, and all of a sudden we had a solid, cohesive plan. Woah! How did that happen?!? We took a break for several months, but every now and then I would think of something random and e-mail Shea and Cheryl. Somehow, they kept track of all the random wants/needs/ideas that I had. Cheryl set up my dress shopping appointments and Shea planned our rehearsal dinner.

I didn’t truly appreciate their services until the wedding weekend. I was sitting on the couch napping and vegging out 4 hours before the wedding when I though “huh. I wonder who is putting up the decorations, setting the tables, and putting out the programs, and organizing the caterer?” Our hair and make up artist was an hour late because she got lost. Cheryl was behind the scenes giving her directions while I was napping on the couch. How many brides can say they took a nap 3 hours before the ceremony?! Not once did Cheryl or Shea seem stressed. Not once did I have to stress. At one point a few hours before the ceremony, Cheryl asked if I had eaten. I had not. Within 30 minutes I had a turkey sandwich, made to my liking, in my hands.

After the wedding they packed up everything and made sure all loose ends were tied up. It was a little sad, after a year of planning, to realize that we would no longer “need” Cheryl and Shea. Of course, that’s not the end. We are Facebook friends 😉

Tiffany & Ron – April, 2013

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