Katie & Jonathon + Mercury Hall Wedding

Katie and Jonathan's Wedding Ceremony


Katie & Jonathon’s Mercury Hall wedding was one for the books! Pretty much all of our weddings are AMAZING but this wedding was unique in a couple of ways.

1.) They let us use the venue, Mercury Hall, in unique ways.

2.) They had NO IDEA what their wedding was going to look like. Seriously – they had no idea! We decided on an overall style and then they let us take it from there.

One of our favorite things to do is to take a well known venue space and use it in ways that are not exactly normal – not that this is a bad thing, but most people want to go with what they’ve seen before because there’s comfort in the tried and true. And most people aren’t willing to take any chances with their wedding day. And that may be great for a lot of things in life, like relying on a trusted auto mechanic. But it’s not necessarily great for your wedding – you know, that one day that’s supposed to be the best day of your life. And hopefully it doesn’t end up looking like everyone else’s best day.

Ask any vendor and they’ll tell you that when they have a client that trusts them 100%, and doesn’t second guess and micromanage every decision, that client is going to have the most amazing wedding. Why? Because the wedding industry is made up of an extraordinary group of creative people, and when you obsess over every single thing they’re doing, it ultimately stifles that creativity. But when you’re open to their ideas and let them allow their talent to shine through they are going to LOVE you. And it’s going to show in their work.

Back to Katie & Jonathon’s wedding! Their style was “Refined Bohemian“, meaning that while it had all of the elements of Bohemian style – flowing and organic styled mixed colorful flowers, mismatched decor pieces, and more – the overall look was very pulled together – Refined. And it came together beautifully! The ladies at Gypsy Floral were instrumental in this. Their style and eye for detail is beyond description. We LOVE them! Take a look –

Katie and Jonathan's Wedding Ceremony

Mercury Hall Wedding Ceremony, styled. Photo from Tara Welch Photography

Katie + Jonathon Amos Cart

Mercury Hall Vintage Cart Cocktail Hour Display. Photo by Jerry Hayes Photography

Have you ever seen the inside of Mercury Hall like this before? Me neither! We worked with Premiere Select to drape the walls and ceiling in blue velvet, accented with pieces from Loot Vintage Rentals and Bee Lavish, then had a cigar roller working throughout the evening, hand rolling cigars as guest favors.

Katie Boggus Cigar Room.

Mercury Hall Reception – Cigar Room. Photo from Jerry Hayes Photography

There was not a single detail of this wedding that went overlooked. Every single space, down to the Tea & Beverage Station, for guests to sip and snack as they arrived, was elegantly and thoughtfully styled.

Mercury Hall - Styled Tea & Lemonade Bar

Mercury Hall – Styled Tea & Lemonade Bar. Photo by Jerry Hayes Photography

The reception tent was unlike any other. This was a summer wedding and there was no denying that it was going to be a really really hot that day. Knowing this was going to be a concern, we made for sure that the guests would be able to eat in an air conditioned environment. We didn’t want to lose this light airy “drapes blowing in the breeze” kind of dreamy feeling, but we had to have tent walls to hold in the cool air of the a/c. What to do?? We decided to use clear tent wall sides but drape the inside and outside of the tent in white sheer draping, leaving an opening for the bride and groom (and guests) to walk through on each side, to give this feeling as if the entire tent was simply draped, and not closed in with tent walls. It was the most beautiful and elegant tent!

Mercury Hall Tent. Photo by Jerry Hayes Photography

Mercury Hall Tent. Photo by Jerry Hayes Photography

Lighting is so very important –

Mercury Hall Lighting

Mercury Hall Lighting. Photo by Tara Welch Photography

Since we had dinner in the outdoor tent, there was no need to fill the inside building at Mercury Hall with a bunch of dining tables and crowd up the space. We went with an indoor/outdoor feeling and brought in shade umbrellas from Premiere Events and created lounging areas with pieces from Loot Vintage Rentals.

Mercury Hall Lounge Seating

Mercury Hall Lounge Seating. Photo by Jerry Hayes Photography

Some more, just for fun!

Mercury Hall Reception Table Decor

Mercury Hall Reception Table Decor

Mercury Hall Bar Display

Mercury Hall Bar Display

And then it was over. 🙁

Mercury Hall Sparkler Exit

See! You can use a typical venue space in wonderful and exciting ways – you just have to trust the imagination of your planner and your vendors. You will not be disappointed! With just Mercury Hall we were able to create an ultra cool Havana nightclub feel, a light and airy dream reception tent, a social hangout for the cocktail hour with festoon lights overhead, and a high energy night club inside – all in one night and at one venue – and it all flowed together seamlessly and felt pulled together in both flow and style. The one thing we kept hearing from the guests all night was, “Wow, I can’t believe this is Mercury Hall!”

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If you want to connect with the amazing vendors that helped create this one of a kind wedding at Mercury Hall, you can find their info here –

Gypsy Floral

ILD Lighting

Loot Vintage Rentals

Bee Lavish Rentals

Premiere Events

Premiere Select

Tara Welch Photography

Just a note – In total there were over 20 vendors that made this day amazing – from the caterers to the boozy snow cone makers to the cotton candy vendor (yep, I’m totally serious and it was totally awesome!) but in the interest of space we’ve only listed the main players of the day.