Hotel Xcaret Wedding Floral Inclusions

Floral arrangement at Hotel Xcaret Mexico by Yellow Umbrella Events

What flowers are included in the Hotel Xcaret Wedding Package?

When getting married at one of the Hotel Xcaret resorts (Hotel Xcaret Mexico or Hotel Xcaret ARTE), the following items are included in the Paraiso wedding package:

  • Ceremony Arbor/Gazebo with Floral Arrangement
  • 1 Bouquet
  • 1 Boutonniere
  • 2 Bridesmaids
  • Bouquets*
  • 2 Groomsmen Boutonniere*

*You can choose a total of 4 wedding party pieces (bouquets or boutonnieres for same sex weddings.

What do the flowers look like that are included in the Paraiso wedding package?

This will depend on the floral & décor vendor that you choose. The resort has two in house floral & décor vendors to choose from – Corazon Luxury Weddings & Event Design MX  Each company offers their own version of the included floral items, and you can choose only one for all the included floral items in the wedding package. For example, if you like the bouquet from Corazon but the ceremony arbor from Event Design, this is not an option. You must choose one floral vendor for all included items. Above and beyond that you can work with either vendor that you prefer, but you can not mix and match the included items between vendors. 

Can we make changes to the colors or flower types?

The answer is Yes! You can choose other colors and flower types. However, depending on the flower type you change to there could be additional charges, based on the costs of the flower(s) you would prefer.

event design mexico floral photo by yellow umbrella events at Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Can I choose an outside floral & décor vendor?

Yes, however, the resort will charge you an outside vendor fee of $870 if you utilize an outside vendor. You will still receive all the items that are listed in your wedding package from the in-house floral vendor of your choice.


There is no vendor fee if you choose to work with one of the in-house vendors (Corazon or Event Design). You would only pay for the floral and décor items that you add to your wedding.

if I don’t want one, some, or all of the included floral items, Can I have a credit on my wedding package?

No. The wedding package inclusions are “use it or lose it”. If you don’t want the item, you will not receive a credit on your wedding package. So, we suggest utilizing the included items in another way. For example, if you don’t want the included bridesmaid bouquets, since you’re not having a wedding party, you might choose to utilize those bouquets on the cocktail tables, as bar décor, or as part of the centerpieces instead.

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