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So, where in Mexico do you want to get married? Some of you already know the answer to this question but some of you might need some help deciding. That’s okay! We’re happy to help you either way.


We offer two types of Destination Wedding Planning for your convenience: No-Fee Destination Wedding Advisor and Total Destination Wedding Planning. Scroll down so you can learn more about them and decide which will best serve your needs.

No Fee – Destination Wedding Planning Advisor


Yep, you read that right! We do not charge any fees for helping you locate and plan your Mexico Resort Wedding or a resort wedding at other International Resort locations.

Couples Negril - An All Inclusive Resort

Couples Negril – An All Inclusive Resort

Did you know that 1 in 4 couples want a destination wedding? And 71% of those destination wedding couples used a destination wedding planner – so you’re in good company!

There are a ton of reasons that couples choose a destination wedding – they want to have an adventure, the location has a special meaning to the couple, it’s less expensive than a traditional at home location, or they simply want to reduce their guest count. Whatever your reason, we’d love to be your choice when planning your destination wedding.

Each member of our staff specializes in a different region of the world – resorts in Mexico, Jamaica, Caribbean, Bahamas, Europe, Hawaii, and more. Since no one person can possibly know everything about every location we each have our own area of expertise.

Now you have questions, I’m sure! Let’s have a little Q&A –


Q.) Is the No Fee Planning Advisor service the right choice for us?

A.) If you’re likely going to choose a resort location (like an all inclusive beach resort), no matter the country, and need help narrowing down the myriad of options available to you, then the answer is yes. If you’re looking for a non resort location, a private property, or other non inclusive location then you should consider our “Total Destination Planning” service.


Q.) We think we might want a destination wedding but don’t know where to start. What do we do?

A.) Start by giving us a call at 512-902-2743. We’ll take some time to learn about you and what you want for your wedding. We’ll ask you all kinds of questions – preferred dates, number of anticipated guests, what locations you’re interested in, ceremony and reception details, and a lot more. We want to know as much about your wedding wants and desires as we can, so we can find you the perfect location!

Love Mexico Specialist

Yellow Umbrella Events is a Love, Mexico Travel Specialist


Q.) Why don’t you charge for this? How do you make any money?

A.) We don’t charge any fees to help you plan your destination wedding because the hotel/resort actually pays us.


Q.) Doesn’t that make it cost more for us?

A.) No, actually, it doesn’t cost any more to use one of our planning advisors for your destination wedding. In fact, you’ll likely save more than planning on your own and you’ll often get some extra perks thrown in because you called us first.

You see, the resorts kind of love us travel advisors because they know that when we call, we’re for real. We’re not kicking tires. We’re not goofing around. We’re calling because we have actual clients that might actually stay in their resort, bring a bunch of their friends, host their wedding at their location, use local vendors, and more. So they set aside funds to pay travel advisors for these legitimate clients.

Also, the resorts offer special add-ons and bonuses, depending on the time of year or how quickly you book, at no additional charge to only those that use a Travel Advisor.

You know what happens if you don’t use a travel advisor to book your destination wedding? The resort pockets that fee as extra profit and you pay the same amount you would have anyway – without any potential perks you could have gotten if you have used a travel advisor. Sad for us and sad for you. 🙁


Q.) Will you be at the resort to handle all of our details on site during our wedding?

A.) No – and Yes!

No, we don’t normally attend the destination weddings that we help you book and plan. But we can, if you’d like. If you want us to be your on site wedding planner for your wedding, the hotel will typically comp our room, but you’d be responsible for our travel and on site fee. If you’d like us to be there to greet you and your guests and help with the on site planning, we can give you a custom cost proposal, based on your particular wedding.


Q.) What’s the process for booking our destination wedding?

A.) Here’s how that works –

1.) You call us and we get started on all your details. This is the start of the discovery process.

2.) Once we have all of your info, we’ll do some research, contact some of the most logical resort options, and come back to you with a selection of resorts, wedding details, pricing, room block pricing information, and more.

3.) You’ll decide on the resort locations you’re most interested in and we’ll discuss the specifics with you – things like reviewing and confirming room block pricing contracts, working out any special details you want to ask for from your chosen resort, confirming what is and is not included, make any changes, etc.

4.) Now you choose your resort and made a deposit to book your wedding and rooms.

5.) Once booked, the resort becomes your main contact. They will assign you a rooms booking contact and an onsite wedding planner.

The rooms booking contact is who you and all of your guests will contact to book and confirm rooming details, make payments, etc.

The on site wedding planner will contact you as your wedding date gets closer and will work with you to help you choose all the fun stuff – the flowers, the DJ, your photographer, the menu, and more. They’ll go through a discovery process with you all well, about all things wedding vendor related. From your answers they’ll put together a package for all of your requests – from the type of bouquet you want to carry down the aisle to how you want the tables and chairs set up at the reception.


Q.) Since the resort has an on site wedding planner, why would we use Yellow Umbrella Events as our on site event planner? What are the benefits?

All Inclusive Moon Palace Resort

All Inclusive Moon Palace Resort

A.) For some of our couples the resort’s on site wedding planner is sufficient to handle all of their needs. If you have pretty “standard” requests and your wedding is not overly extravagant you’re probably fine to work directly with the resort’s on site wedding planner. This works well for about 75% of our clients.

But if one of these sounds more like you –

  • You’re more particular (possibly a little type A)
  • Have specific requests that are important to you
  • You might want to bring some of your own vendors from the US
  • You’re having more than 50 or so guests (20 or more total rooms)
  • You’re planning multiple events over a few day period (Indian weddings, for example)

Then you’d benefit greatly from having our staff as your on site destination wedding planner.

We can do things like greet your guests upon arrival to the resort and help them get to their rooms quickly, be their (and your) on site contact, work directly with the hotel staff to finalize and execute your event details so you don’t have to, ensure that your events and wedding day details are set up according to your specifications, build the timeline of the day’s activities for you and your guests and help this to run more smoothly, help with after wedding details, and more.

If you choose us as your full service destination wedding planner, we’re with you from the beginning of the process, every step of the way, and until after the wedding day.

Not sure which destination planning service is best for you? Please give us a call at 512-902-2743 and we can answer all of your planning questions.

Total Destination Wedding Planning

$4500 + Travel Expenses


Destination weddings are an excellent option for most couples, but can often come with a lot more stress if you’re trying to have a destination wedding that doesn’t quite fit into the “standard package” offered by most resorts – or if you don’t want to have your destination wedding at a resort at all.

Hotel El Gonzo in Los Cabos

Hotel El Gonzo in Los Cabos

If your destination wedding fits any of the following –

  • Includes 100 or more guests
  • Has all the bells and whistles (lots of decor and design elements) of a traditional wedding
  • Involves vendors that you are bringing from the US
  • Is an Indian or South Asian wedding
  • More closely resembles a wedding you would have at home
  • Has multiple events over several days – Welcome Reception, Rehearsal Dinner, Mehndi, Gaye Holud Ceremony, Morning After Brunch, etc

Then our Total Destination Planning service is the choice for you.

You’re going to want and need us on site before your arrival, throughout your wedding events, and possibly after the wedding day, depending on the specific needs of your wedding.

What does that look like for you?

Moon Palace Resort Indian Wedding

Moon Palace Resort Indian Wedding, Photo Credit – Hong Photography

Our Total Destination Planning service looks very much like our The Whole Shebang service, where we’re with you from the very beginning steps of planning through the wrap up at the end of your wedding day, except that we’re planning in an International location.

It includes all of the same planning steps that we take for every wedding – venue discovery and selection, vendor planning, complete design and decor plan and execution, venue space planning and layouts, timelines, and on site event planning and vendor management.

We want you to have a truly relaxing destination wedding, as stress free as possible. Isn’t that one of the reasons you chose a destination wedding in the first place?!

Not sure which destination planning service is best for you? Please give us a call at 512-902-2743 and we can answer all of your planning questions.

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