Hotel Xcaret Wedding In House Preferred Vendor List

Hotel Xcaret Fire Dancer photo by Yellow Umbrella events

Here are those vendors (note that vendors can change at any time at the discretion of the resort):

Hotel Xcaret Mexico, Hotel Xcaret ARTE, and Casa de La Playa resorts have an in-house (or preferred) vendor list for all weddings hosted at the resorts. This means that if you plan on having your wedding at one of the Hotel Xcaret resorts you will need to choose from one of the vendors on their in-house vendor list for all your wedding services.


Xtudio Xcaret

Floral & Décor


DJ & Audiovisual

Hair & Make Up


Hotel Xcaret – you will reserve musicians (guitarist, violinist, saxophonist, mariachis, and Mayan performers directly with your resort wedding coordinator

Indian Cuisine

Wedding Cakes & Desserts

Hotel Xcaret – you will reserve wedding cakes, dessert stations, churro carts, paleta carts, etc directly with your resort wedding coordinator

What if I want to work with a vendor that is not on the list?

All vendors must, at a minimum, have insurance.  Insurance is essential that any person who enters the resort for the purpose of wedding labor be documented to assure they are part of the company and that has the insurance.

What happens if the vendor does not have the appropriate insurance and legal worker documentation?

If this documentation is not provided, entrance will be denied to the vendor and they will not be able to perform your wedding services. So, as you can imagine, it’s extremely important that you confirm that the vendor is able to meet all the insurance and legal requirements to work in Mexico and, more importantly, at one of the Hotel Xcaret resorts.

A word of advice – we would NOT recommend booking a local wedding vendor without confirming their legal and insurance status with the resort.

  1. Adhere to a vendor dress code, which includes a very specific footwear requirement
  2. Bring/supply all of their own work equipment as they will not have access to any work equipment (ladders, extension cords, etc) from the resort
  3. Park in designated parking areas
  4. Make an appointment to view the resort, with a member of the wedding planning team, in advance of the event, if they have not worked at the resort in the past
  5. Adhere to all the safety and security requirements and protocols, up to and including, having a member of security supervise their work before, during, and/or after the event


How much are the outside vendor fees?

·       $1000 per vendor and vendor category for Photography and Videography (if your photographer and/or videographer are a part of your room block for the minimum 3-night stay there is no outside vendor fee for this because they are considered a guest.)

·       $870 per vendor and vendor category for Floral, Décor, and Audiovisual Services

·       $100 per person for Hair & Make Up (charged per each hair & make up artist that will need access to the resort

*There is one exception to this requirement – if a vendor (your photographer or make up artist, for example) stays in your wedding room block for a minimum of 3 nights, they are considered a guest and there is not an outside vendor fee for this vendor.

When can I begin booking my wedding vendors?

You may begin securing wedding vendors as soon as you have a contracted wedding date at the resort. You are welcome to contact each vendor directly and let them know that your wedding is at Hotel Xcaret. Hotel Xcaret will need to invoice you directly for each vendor/vendor service that you add to your wedding day.