Hotel Xcaret Arte Spa Muluk

The new Spa Muluk is a step into paradise

Did you know that Hotel Xcaret Mexico has a brand new Muluk Spa? It’s new and gorgeous and so very Hotel Xcaret – let me tell you about it!

Hotel Xcaret Mexico recently ended spa services in their existing Spa building, due to construction of the new 900 room addition to the resort, which was going to create too much noise in the existing spa cabins to continue to operate appropriately and peacefully. (Yes, you read that right. 900 more Hotel Xcaret Mexico rooms are on the way!!) Since the existing spa cabins were going to be out of commission for some time they built an entirely new Muluk Spa area, in front of the ocean, that will be exclusively for body services.

In true Hotel Xcaret style it is a beautiful magical space that is in keeping with the design and overall aesthetic of the resort. The massage cabins (individual and couples cabins), built into the cliff, are open air on one side with gorgeous views of the resort’s river and the ocean, and offer plenty of gentle breeze. Of course, there’s a curtain that can be closed as well, for privacy, if you prefer.

What about hydrotherapy services?

The existing hydrotherapy space at the original Muluk Spa is still intact and remains open and available, with no interruption. And you do not want to miss out on this! We don’t think that a visit to Hotel Xcaret Mexico is complete until you’ve experienced their one of a kind hydrotherapy circuit.

What about the salon?

The existing salon at the original Muluk Spa, where you can have a number of hair, make up, and nail services, is also still intact and fully operational, with no changes. Additionally, the connecting bridal suite is still very much available for rental and usage.

The only change you’ll physically see on your next visit is that body services (massages, facials, etc) will be experienced in the new spa located in front of the ocean.

How do I find the new Muluk Spa?

You’ll head towards the beach! As you are walking from the lobby towards the ocean, you’ll come upon the resort’s main pool connected to La Trajinera restaurant. Walk to the right of this pool, continuing straight towards the ocean. Once you reach the stairs at the end of the pool, you’ll see a sign for the spa, that points towards a staircase on the right. Follow this staircase all the way down to the beach level and take a right once your feet are on the sand. (If you stop at Las Playas restaurant, you didn’t go far enough down the staircase – keep going.) One you’ve taken a right on the sand and start walking you can’t miss it. You’ll come to the first spa entrance, where you’ll be greeted, and share in a welcome ritual, before you are escorted to the spa check in desk.

Hotel Xcaret Arte Spa Muluk

What services are offered at the new Muluk Spa?

You can check out the current Hotel Xcaret Mexico Muluk Spa services menu, with pricing, at this link

How do I reserve a service at Muluk Spa?

You can wait until arrival to reserve a service either directly with the spa, guest services, or your butler (if you have a room category that includes one), or you can reserve up to 30 days in advance of your stay, by emailing

Can guests of Hotel Xcaret Arte visit the new Muluk Spa at Hotel Xcaret Mexico?

No, they can not. This spa is exclusively for guests of Hotel Xcaret Mexico. Hotel Xcaret Arte guests would need to utilize the spa at Arte for all spa and salon services.

Hotel Xcaret Arte Spa Muluk
Hotel Xcaret Arte Spa Muluk