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How Much Does A Hotel Xcaret Wedding Cost?

One of the most common questions we receive about having a wedding at hotel Xcaret, right after “Is my wedding date available?” is “How much does a Hotel Xcaret wedding cost?” While that dollar amount depends on a number of factors, there are some average ranges of pricing that we tend to see with all of our past couples that have had their wedding at Hotel Xcaret.

For the purposes of this blog, we’re going to assume that you are choosing:

  1. Caleta Fuego Ceremony Site at Hotel Xcaret

    Ceremony at Caleta Fuego. Photo by Brooke Worden Photography

    The “Hotel Xcaret Deluxe Wedding Package [2020]

  2. That you will have 40 guests

We’re using these 2 factors for this blog since this is the most complete wedding package that includes most of what you will need for a ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.

And 40 guests are about the average wedding guest count. (Is there another wedding package available and different guest counts? Sure! But for the sake of this blog, we are using typical averages.)

You can take this information to adjust it for your particular Hotel Xcaret wedding package choice and your actual guest count and come up with a more accurate budget for your wedding.


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Here are the items that are included in the Hotel Xcaret Deluxe Wedding Package:

Ceremony Inclusions:

  • Caleta Fugo Reception Site - Hotel Xcaret

    Reception at Caleta Fuego. Photo provided by Pixan Photography.

    Venue for Ceremony

  • Minister for Symbolic Ceremony
  • Standard Gazebo
  • Tiffany Chairs for the Ceremony
  • Sparkling Wine for After Ceremony Toast

Cocktail Hour Inclusions:

  • Venue for Cocktail Hour
  • 1 Hour Premium (Top Shelf) Bar
  • 4 Appetizers per Guest

Reception Inclusions:

  • Venue location (Maximum of 2 Venue Locations can be chosen)
  • Private Dinner with personal staffing specifically for your event
  • 3 Course Plated Meal (or Buffet option for Guest Counts over 50 Guests)
  • 4 Hours Premium (Top Shelf) Bar


  • $100 spa services credit
  • 1 Bridal Bouquet
  • 1 Boutonniere
  • 2 smaller Bouquets for Wedding Party
  • 2 Boutonnieres for Wedding Party


Here are some other costs that are not included in the wedding package, that most of our wedding couples spend additional money on:

Photographer/Videographer Costs (there are several options on this):

  1. You can use the “in house” recommended photography options. There are 3 at this time but we would recommend requesting the updated vendor list from the wedding department at the time of booking, in case of changes.
  2. You can use your own photographer/videographer that you bring with you from the US. As long as you include them in your wedding room block for 3 nights, there is no additional fee to use them.
  3. You can use a local photographer/videographer of your choice but there is a $500 fee that you must pay to the venue for this and it will allow venue and event access to the photographer and his/her crew for the day. There are a couple local to the venue photographers that will discount their fee by this amount, depending on the photography/videography package that you choose.
  4. To learn more about the ins & outs of hiring a Destination Wedding Photographer/Videographer check out this detailed guide on our blog.


Cantina Los Faroles - Hotel Xcaret Restaurant

Cantina Los Faroles Restaurant. Photo provided by Pixan Photography.


DJ Services & Lighting Costs:

Hotel Xcaret DJ Dance Floor PricingPrice range from $350 to about $1,200 for 3 – 5 hours, depending on what you’d like. Your costs will vary depending on the number of hours you would like, the addition of lights and uplighting, any additional sound equipment you may like, and any setup and installation fees you might incur.


Dance floor Costs:

A wood dance floor is the least expensive (but still lovely) option and the one that most of our couples that rent a dance floor will choose. You might also choose a vinyl or LED dance floor, but the price goes up from there. An LED interactive lighting dance floor can be $3,000, for example.


Floral & Décor Costs:

Most of our couples have worked with Corazon, one of the in house floral and décor vendors, but there is another venue recommended option you can choose from. Pricing for floral varies greatly and depends on your style preferences, the florals you choose, and much more. If you budget from $200 – $400 for a bridal bouquet, $75 – $125 for wedding party bouquets, $25 – $50 for boutonnieres and/or corsages, and $150 – $300 per table centerpiece this will give you a good range of what you can expect to spend.


Based on the Hotel Xcaret Deluxe wedding packages and the average spend of our past couples, here is what you can expect to budget for your Hotel Xcaret wedding:

  • Hotel Xcaret Wedding Package – up to 30 Guests (2021 estimated pricing) – $7,475
  • Each additional guest = $161 (10 additional guests X $170) – $1,610
  • Photographer – $3,000 – $4,000
  • DJ Service & Lighting Package – $1,000
  • Wood Dance Floor – $1,000
  • Floral / Additional Décor – $4,000

Based on these averages, your Hotel Xcaret wedding costs for the Deluxe Wedding Package and all the typical extras for about 40 guests would be approximately $18,585.

Again, these are averages of what we normally see our couples spend on their total wedding experience at Hotel Xcaret. Some of our couples have chosen not to add additional flowers or a dance floor and have spent about $4,000 less than this, while some of our couples have spent many thousands more by adding additional décor, a full welcome party event, or even a fireworks show. You may choose to spend less, or you may choose to spend more, but these prices will give you a good general idea of what you can expect to spend on your Hotel Xcaret wedding.


Some final thoughts on Hotel Xcaret Wedding Costs:

I often hear than Hotel Xcaret wedding costs seem a bit higher than some other Cancun and Playa del Carmen area resorts, but Hotel Xcaret includes a lot more for the price when compared to most wedding packages.

Also, most resorts offer standard resort-style ceremony and reception options and basic furnishings – like a beach ceremony or a boring ballroom with white folding chairs and white polyester linens – while Hotel Xcaret weddings will have multiple uniquely beautiful ceremony and reception options to choose from and will include upgraded furnishings, like solid wood tables and cross back wood chairs that come standard with their wedding packages.

One other feature included in the Hotel Xcaret deluxe wedding package that we absolutely love is the plated meal option. Hotel Xcaret includes a full 3 course handsomely plated dinner in a private venue space with their deluxe wedding package. Most area resorts will charge $6 – $15 more per person for a plated seated service meal.

So, while the Hotel Xcaret wedding prices may at first appear higher than the area’s average, there are a lot of “extras” built-in.


If a Hotel Xcaret wedding is in the future for you and your significant other, please consider us to assist you. We’d love to help you secure your wedding date and room block with Hotel Xcaret! We’ve worked with more than 30 couples at this amazing property and we’d love to plan with you as well.

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