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Welcome to Yellow Umbrella Events’ Hotel Xcaret Mexico Wedding Guide. Hotel Xcaret Mexico is one of the most beautiful and unique new resort properties in the Riviera Maya zone of Mexico and it has quickly become one of the most sought-after destination wedding locations in the world!


Shannon and Clint Hotel Xcaret Beach

Shannon & Clint (Past clients) on the Beach


We fell in love with Hotel Xcaret Mexico from the day they opened and have been helping couples plan their weddings here ever since. We hope this Hotel Xcaret Mexico Wedding Guide provides you with the details you’ll need in making your decision on hosting your wedding at this one-of-a-kind resort. For the most up-to-date information, consider joining our private Hotel Xcaret Weddings Facebook group.

If you should like personal assistance in booking and/or planning your wedding at Hotel Xcaret Mexico we hope you’ll reach out to us at, by phone at 512.955.1320 or schedule a call time here – We could not be more excited to help our couples plan their weddings here!


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Hotel Xcaret Mexico Q&A

How do we book our wedding at Hotel Xcaret Mexico?

Cheryl Bailey with Ashley a past bride

Cheryl Bailey (Yellow Umbrella Events) with Ashley, a past bride.

Give us a call at 512.955.1320, email us here, or schedule a call at our calendar link – and we’ll get started. We’ll help you determine some date options that might work best for you, narrow down your ceremony and reception options, and choose a wedding package that best suits your wants. Once we have all these details, we’ll connect with the resort to confirm everything. If they have your date available, you’ll be required to begin securing a room block within 10 days to be able to secure your wedding date. Once you have secured your room block contract, you’ll be able to finalize your wedding contract to secure your wedding date.

I’m sure this seems like a lot happening all at once! Don’t worry, we’ll help you through the entire process – working with the wedding department to secure your wedding date and contract, obtaining a rate and concessions on a room block for you and your guests, and more.


How much does a Hotel Xcaret Mexico wedding cost?

This is one of our most requested questions and Cheryl has answered it by creating this Hotel Xcaret Wedding Cost Guide for you.


Does Hotel Xcaret Mexico offer same-sex weddings?


What’s Included in the Wedding Packages?


2022 Hotel Xcaret Wedding Packages Banner


*Only 2022  and January through March 2023 wedding package details are available at this time. Wedding dates for April 2023 and beyond have not been released yet. To be added to the waitlist for your preferred wedding date, please email

VERY IMPORTANT – In addition to the purchase of a wedding package, all weddings at Hotel Xcaret Mexico require a MINIMUM room block purchase, depending on the day of the week that your wedding is held, as follows:

  • No less than 11 guaranteed rooms for 3 nights each (and a minimum of 30 guests), for wedding dates held from Sunday through Thursday
  • No less than 20 guaranteed rooms for 3 nights each (and a minimum of 40 guests), for wedding dates held on a Friday
  • No less than 25 guaranteed rooms for 3 nights each (and a minimum of 50 guests), for wedding dates held on a Saturday

Additionally, 80% of all your wedding guests must stay at Hotel Xcaret Mexico for a minimum of 3 nights.


Do the wedding packages also include tables and chairs?

Yes, the wedding packages include all necessary tables, chairs, and basic linens for your guest count for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception (if the wedding package you choose includes one of these events).


Does Hotel Xcaret Mexico offer a complimentary ceremony and/or vow renewal option?

Not at this time.


How many weddings and events take place at the resort daily?

It varies according to the season. The capacity of the resort allows them to host more than 1 event on the same day without the events interfering with one another. Though they try to keep the weddings to only 1 per day, it’s possible that there may be a social event or corporate event occurring in another venue on the property on the same day as your wedding. This is normal for most hotels and resorts and they do a great job of keeping these events separate.


How much is the wedding package deposit?

Your initial deposit is based on the total anticipated amount of your wedding package choice, plus any additional guests over 30 guests. You will pay a deposit equal to 30% of the total of the wedding package plus 30% of the total of the additional guest count you expect over 30 guests. If your guest count increases, you will owe an additional amount equal to the increased guest count. 

It is important to note that you are not able to decrease your guest count, once you book your date and finalize your wedding contract, so be very careful not to overestimate the number of guests that you think will attend. For example, if you sign a wedding contract for 50 guests and only 40 attend you will not receive any type of refund or credit for the 10 guests that did not attend. You can always increase your guest count but you are not able to decrease your guest count. 

Your final wedding package payment is due 60 days before your wedding date.

Your first wedding package deposit must be paid by bank wire transfer. Once the wedding contract is sent to you and you sign the contract, you’ll need to make this wire transfer and send proof of the wire transfer to the resort. Once you’ve made this initial payment by wire transfer, all subsequent payments and the room block deposit and payments may be made by credit card.


How far in advance do we need to book our wedding?

There is no set time in advance that you must book your wedding, but Hotel Xcaret Mexico books extremely quickly and well over a year in advance, so it’s best to start the planning process as soon as you can, to give you the most flexibility on dates, especially if you’d like a weekend date.

Though you may have a specific date in mind we often advise our couples to be open to a particular month, season, or day of the week, since dates are typically so limited. Requesting dates one year or less away will likely return with few if any open date options. Hotel Xcaret Mexico is truly that popular!


Do weddings at Hotel Xcaret Mexico include all the vendors we’ll need for our wedding?

Yes and No. Hotel Xcaret Mexico does offer wedding packages that include most of what you will need for your wedding but even with the largest wedding package, you will find a few vendors missing. You will need to hire your own photographer, videographer, DJ and/or band, dance floor, and any additional décor that you might want to add.

For these additional vendors, the resort offers what is referred to as “in-house” vendors, to choose from. You are welcome to use their in-house vendors for all extra wedding services. 


What if I don’t want to use the in-house vendors that Hotel Xcaret Mexico requires?

You are welcome to bring in your own vendors from outside the resorts, both from the local area and internationally, for a fee ranging from $500 – $1,000 per vendor. There will be an additional outside vendor fee for all outside vendors, though. This fee is charged per outside vendor.

For example, if you hire a photographer to come with you from home, you would pay an “outside vendor” fee to Hotel Xcaret Mexico. If you ALSO hire an outside vendor as your decorator, there would be an additional outside vendor fee.

FYI, you may bring your own independent Wedding Planner and not incur an outside vendor fee but you will pay a day pass fee for each of the staff members if they are not resort guests.

If you would like to use outside vendors for your Hotel Xcaret Mexico wedding, we recommend working with vendors that include a number of services, so that your outside vendor fee is reduced. For example, we’d recommend you choose a vendor that offers both photography and videography or a decorator that includes flowers, linens, and lighting. That way you pay less in outside vendor fees.

Of course, if you choose your vendors from the in-house vendor list at Hotel Xcaret, there will be no additional fees to use their services, other than the cost of the actual services rendered.

There is one great exception to this outside vendor situation. If you bring a vendor with you, like a photographer or hair and make-up artist, for example, and they stay at the resort in your room block for 3 or more nights, there is no outside vendor fee. This is a perfect solution for those couples that want to bring their own photography and videography team with them from their hometown or choose a local vendor that they love.


Can I hire my own hair and makeup artist from the local area?

Yes. By paying a Day-Pass fee of $100 (price subject to change) per person, each hair and makeup artist will have access to the facilities and services of Hotel Xcaret Mexico.

Additionally, if you need more space than just your personal room to get ready in, access to the Bridal Get Ready Suite can be purchased for $700 for a 4-hour window of time. Due to this cost, if it’s feasible for your travel dates, we recommend the couple rent a Junior Suite for 3 nights (3 nights is the minimum rental time for a Junior Suite) so the wedding party can get ready in the couple’s suite on the wedding day.

The Junior Suite is 1,356 square feet and includes the full normal resort suite room, connected to a large living area, complete with a sofa seating area and TV, dining table, kitchen and bar area, a double patio, and a separate guest bathroom. The Junior Suite also includes 2 – 50 minute massages and private luxury transportation from the airport to the resort. The additional cost (over that of a lower category room) ends up being a little bit more than the cost of the Bridal Suite rental but gives you a larger suite where you can entertain guests for 3 nights/4 days. Our couples normally rent this option for at least 3 nights, either at the start of their stay, to move to a new room the morning after the wedding, or towards the end of their stay where the nights in the Junior Suite start on the night prior to the wedding or for their entire stay. 


Can we get married on the beach? By the pool? In the caves? By the lagoon? In an air-conditioned ballroom?

Yes! There are a number of ceremony and reception locations at Hotel Xcaret Mexico and they are all amazingly beautiful. The ceremony and reception locations you can have will depend on availability and your guest count, as some locations are better suited to either smaller or larger guest counts. We’d be happy to help you narrow down the right location for your wedding!


Is there a Catholic Chapel on-site?

Yes, and it’s amazing and has extraordinary views! There is nothing like the Capilla de Todos Los Angeles at Hotel Xcaret Mexico for your Catholic ceremony. There is an additional fee of $1,900 to utilize the chapel for your wedding.


Capilla de Todos Los Angeles

Inside Hotel Xcaret Mexico’s Catholic Chapel – Capilla de Todos Los Angeles


Capilla de Todos Los Angeles - Outside Front

Wedding Group at the front of Capilla de Todos Los Angeles


Can I get married in the Chapel even if I’m not Catholic?

Unfortunately, Capilla de Todos Los Angeles at Hotel Xcaret Mexico is only available for Catholic weddings. If you are not Catholic but would like to get married in a chapel, you may want to consider Hotel Xcaret Arte (the adult-only sister property next door), which has a non-denominational chapel that can be used for all religious or non-religious weddings, including same-sex weddings. 

If you are Catholic and having trouble finding information on the process to have a Catholic Destination Wedding in Mexico please read our informational Q&A. It may help get you started on the long process.


Is the Priest’s fee included in the chapel rental fee?

The priest’s services are not included. You’ll need to contact the Parroquia de Nuestra Sra. del Carmen to understand the documentation process and the hiring of the priest since all documentation must be verified by and delivered directly to the Parroquia de Nuestra Sra. del Carmen.


How many event sites may I choose for my wedding?

You may choose up to 2 locations – one ceremony location and one combined cocktail and reception location. Larger groups may require up to 3 locations but most wedding groups will have the option of just 2 locations.

It will be a difficult task to choose just 2 amazing locations but your guests will thank you for it! There’s nothing worse than being a wedding guest and being shuffled to too many event locations in one night. Having no more than 2 locations also saves on decor expenses since you won’t need to decorate more than 1 – 2 different spaces.


Is there a discounted room rate if we want to visit Hotel Xcaret Mexico to decide if this is where we want to host our wedding?

Hotel Xcaret Mexico offers a discounted room rate of 20% off for one stay for those that have already booked their wedding at the property. This will give you a chance to meet with the wedding department staff and tour the ceremony and reception venue locations. And enjoy all the resort has to offer, of course!

They do not, however, offer a discounted rate to those that are still simply considering the property.

You must have a booked wedding date to enjoy the wedding visit discount. You’ll need to book this trip through the wedding department to be able to take advantage of this discounted rate.


How do we and our guests book rooms for our wedding?

That’s something we can totally help you with! A typical wedding room block consists of at least 11 or more rooms for a total of 3 or more nights (33 or more total room nights). Once your date is confirmed we will request your rate and concession details from the resort and will walk you through the room block contracting process from there. VERY IMPORTANT – before receiving a wedding package contract, the signed contract for rooms and the room block deposit is required. During this process, venues will only be on hold for up to 10 days.

Hotel Xcaret Mexico frequently sells out of certain room categories (or completely sells out) and your guests may be left with no option to stay on-site for your wedding. Due to this, the resort now requires a room block to be able to book your wedding at this property. 

You have a couple of choices on your room blocks. You may book them directly with the hotel or with a travel agent (like us here at Yellow Umbrella Events). When booking directly with the hotel you will select the number of rooms and room categories you’d like to block, sign the room block contract, and pay a deposit of 20% – 30% of the entire room block.

For example, if you want a block of 20 rooms that will cost appx $1,800 each – $600 a night for 2 guests for 3 nights (which is the minimum number of nights required for wedding guest room nights) your deposit could be up to $10,800 ($540 per room for 20 rooms). From there your guests will need to contact the hotel directly to book their room.

If you book with a travel agent you will still select the number of rooms and room categories you’d like to block and sign the room block contract but your deposit amount may vary.

For example, our couples (those that work with Yellow Umbrella Events) only pay a $100 deposit per room, regardless of the room cost or amount of nights. For example, if you want a block of 20 rooms your deposit will be a total of $2,000 ($100 per room for 20 rooms) instead of $10,800 ($540 per room for 20 rooms) when you book direct with the resort, saving you $8,800 on the upfront deposit. Also, the $2,000 payment will be applied directly to your (the wedding couple) room.

We would then create a custom one-page weblink with all the details about the resort, the room options, pricing, and payment options (see example here). Then guests would be contacted directly and we would help them make their deposits and payments, explain passport and travel needs, and give them all the details they need for traveling to your wedding.

A contracted room block with a travel agent normally may include some concessions as well. For example, right now Yellow Umbrella Events is offering a free 1 hour cocktail hour for your guests with any block of 11 or more rooms. Additionally, we’re offering a $1,000 airfare credit to the wedding couple, when there are 85 or more room nights booked within your block. Since concessions change frequently it’s best to simply ask us what the latest concessions are at the time of the room block request.

Pricing by booking direct or booking with a travel agent are typically the same. Hotel Xcaret Mexico works on parity pricing, meaning that they offer the same room rate through all booking sources. If you are wondering what you can expect for a room rate, it is typically the lowest rate offered on their own website, so it’s easy to find. This resort does not discount room rates for weddings or other group events, no matter the size. 

Of course, we would love to work with you on booking your wedding room block at Hotel Xcaret Mexico but even if you don’t choose us, please choose to work with a travel agent. It will save you a ton of hassle, requires a smaller upfront deposit from you, and will be so much easier for both you and your guests.


Do all our guests have to stay at the hotel to be able to come to our wedding?

Hotel Xcaret Mexico requires at least 80% of the total number of your wedding guests to stay at the hotel. All guests that are not staying on-site at the hotel must pay a fee of $90 per person (please note this is the current fee and could change at any time).

This fee allows them to enter the property only 30 minutes before the ceremony time and they must leave at the end of the reception. There is an additional fee that can be paid that would allow adult guests to stay later after the end of the reception if they are joining the wedding guests in the Cantina Los Faroles bar only.


What time do outside receptions and events need to end?

All outside events must end by no later than 11 pm.


Can our guests use golf carts to get around the property?

No, due to the design of the resort it is not possible to use golf carts for the transportation of the guests.


Is a groom’s suite or a bride’s suite available?

Hotel Xcaret Bride Get Ready Room

Hotel Xcaret Bridal Get Ready Room

Yes and no. There is a small bridal get ready suite where you can hang your dress and get your hair and makeup done.

This space will only be suitable for about 2 – 3 people to get ready in at once but is normally used for a rotation of people getting hair and makeup one after the other throughout the day.

It’s not very suitable for a bridal party of more than a few people that will be in the room at once. (You’ll actually walk through the salon area of the spa to get to this room.) A lot of our ladies prefer to use their suite to get ready with their wedding party and friends. You can order room service and make it a special time for everyone to spend together.

This suite is not guaranteed and is available upon request and availability only and rents for $700 for a 4-hour window.

There is not a groom’s suite, unfortunately. Most of our grooms and their wedding party and friends use one of their guest’s rooms to get ready and then hang out in the Lobby Bar prior to the ceremony. 


Xpa Muluk Hair and Makeup Salon

Xpa Muluk Hair and Makeup Salon


Is there a larger room we can rent for a large wedding party to get ready at the same time?

Yes, there is a great space that we recommend for this. It’s a large private room with a beautiful resort and jungle view, located on the same level as the main lobby. The resort will set up space with tables, chairs, and some mirrors.

It’s called Sala de Usos Multiples (Multipurpose Room) and you can rent this for $800US. You can even use this space for a small event if the weather is inclement. It’s basically a very small ballroom space that can serve multiple purposes and can easily hold 25 – 50 people, depending on the layout.


Do we get a rehearsal time?

Yes, you can have a rehearsal time the day before your wedding ceremony, if you request it. Due to availability, your actual ceremony site may not be available, though, which means you may have to practice in another location. You or your wedding planner will need to be in charge of the running of the rehearsal since the wedding staff does not include this in your wedding packages.


How far in advance do we need to arrive at the resort before the wedding day?

This depends on if you will have a legal or symbolic ceremony. Legal ceremonies will need to arrive and be on-site 3 – 4 business days (Saturday & Sunday doesn’t count) before your wedding. Symbolic (or civil) ceremonies have more flexibility and we normally recommend an arrival time of at least 2 days in advance so you can take care of any last-minute details and complete your final wedding walk-through, and still have a little time to relax and enjoy some downtime before the wedding day.


Will we be able to confirm our wedding details with a final walk-through, once we arrive on-site before our wedding?

Yes, you will meet on-site with your assigned Hotel Xcaret Mexico wedding coordinator a few days before your wedding to finalize all the details. You may add any additional last-minute services at that time as well, but please note that any services that are added last minute are subject to availability.


Does Hotel Xcaret Mexico offer a complimentary honeymoon package?

Not at this time.


Ceremony Site Details and Descriptions

Indoor Locations:

Capilla de Todos Los Angeles – this is a Catholic Chapel that is located at the highest point of the Xpiral Pyramid. The views from this chapel are out of this world, featuring an expansive sea view. You can literally see for miles around. There is nothing like the view from this chapel!

*Insider Tip: Even if you don’t (or can’t) have your wedding at the chapel you can still take photos up there if it’s available during your event. This chapel is open to all resort guests.

  • Function Options: Ceremony only. Outside the chapel may be used for a cocktail hour, depending on guest count.
  • Capacity: up to 150 guests

Check out our 360-degree photo of the Catholic Chapel.


Cuevas Restaurant – there aren’t many places on earth where you can have your wedding in a cave and Hotel Xcaret is one of them! Las Cuevas is just one of the many features of this gorgeous resort that make it so unique.

*Insider Tip: At this time, the caves are being remodeled to be enclosed and air-conditioned! 

  • Function Options: Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, and Reception
  • Capacity: Up to 350 guests. The Cuevas Restaurant has a minimum guest count requirement of 150 guests for a private event. 

Check out our 360-degree photos of Las Cuevas




Las Cuevas Hotel Xcaret

Las Cuevas – Semi Private Dinner


Las Cuevas - Semi Private Dinner View

Las Cuevas – Semi Private Dinner View


Outdoor Locations:

Playa Beach – Playa Beach is the main beach ceremony location and you’ll easily see why. It’s a beautiful space set amongst tall palm trees but it’s set back from the beach just enough to feel private but still give you full ocean views.

  • Function Options: Ceremony and simple sparkling wine toast. Playa beach receptions are not available for receptions due to their distance from the restroom and kitchen facilities.
  • Capacity: up to 150 guests. The beach location and the timing of its usage may be restricted at times due to seasonal situations (like turtle hatching season, for example)

Check out our 360-degree photo of Playa Beach



Hotel Xcaret Beach Ceremony Site

Hotel Xcaret Mexico Beach Ceremony Site


Caleta Fuego – Caleta Fuego is a sandy beach area located in the inlet zone (the lagoons/coves) at Hotel Xcaret Mexico and is nearest to the Fuego building area. The water in this lagoon area comes from an underground river. This area has a bit more lighting at night in this area, which can be a perk. You can enter the ceremony site from under a cave entrance or from the stairs. This is the most perfect outdoor location for larger groups.

*Insider Tip: There are really cool bridge walkways all throughout this area and they make great photos. With small guest counts, you can have all of your guests stand together and have the photographer stand on a nearby bridge and take a cool photo or have all of your guests group up on the beach and have the photographer take the group photo from the bridge, looking down.

  • Function Options: Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, and Reception
  • Capacity: Up to 150 or so guests, depending on the type of event you host here (ceremony seating versus reception seating)

Check out our 360 degree photo of Caleta Fuego



Caleta Fuego Ceremony Arbor

Caleta Fuego Ceremony Arbor


Caleta Fuego

Caleta Fuego Ceremony Site


Cuevitas & Bar Cuevitas – Cuevitas and Bar Cuevitas (now called Bio Bar) are ideal for smaller groups. They’re similar in style to the Caleta Fuego area in that they are both inlets on a sandy beach area and are set right next to each other, but they are both smaller areas than the larger Caleta Fuego.

You can choose Cuevitas and Bar Cuevitas (Bio Bar) to host either your ceremony or cocktail hour and reception location, but not both, due to set up timing restrictions. It also has a stunning waterfall backdrop!

The Bar Cuevitas (Bio Bar) area also has a small bar area set above the beach area, carved into the cave sidewall. Another logistical perk is that this area is very close to the restrooms. 

  • Function Options: Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, and Reception
  • Capacity: up to 50 guests, depending on the type of event you host here (ceremony seating versus reception seating)

Check out our 360-degree photos of Cuevitas & Bar Cuevitas




Explanada Xerro – This location is at the base of the Xpiral Pyramid, has a wide flat space, is flanked by the jungle, and the Pyramid provides an amazing backdrop for photos throughout the night. If you want an outdoor event with a “hard surface” that is not on the sand, Explanada Xerro is an excellent choice. It’s also a solid choice for “white weddings” where your primary decor will be white since this area is primarily white/off white, or for weddings with bold colors since they will stand out nicely against this neutral backdrop.

  • Function Options: Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, and Reception
  • Capacity: up to 250

Check out our 360-degree photo of Explanada Xerro



Playon Viento – Playon Viento is a large open-air event space located at the corner point of the Casa Viento buildings. It’s set amongst a pool and the river, with amazing views of these gorgeous stone cave-like walls that run alongside the river. The ground surface is stone, so you have the benefit of not hosting your event on the sand. The biggest benefit of this area is that you can host a larger event here, so if you have more than 150 guests this is a great location.

*Insider Tip: Both Playon Viento and Playon Xpiral will have direct sun until the sun sets, so if you’re planning an event here during the daytime hours, you’ll want to rent patio umbrellas or shade coverings for your guests.

  • Function Options: Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, and Reception
  • Capacity: Up to 400 guests for a reception

Check out our 360-degree photo of Playon Viento



Playon Xpiral – Playon Xpiral is almost identical to Playon Viento but is located facing the Xpiral Chapel, so you have the chapel as your main view.

  • Function Options: Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, and Reception
  • Capacity: Up to 400 guests for a reception


Check out our 360-degree photo of Playon Xpiral




Wedding & Room Block Checklist

I want to have a wedding at Hotel Xcaret Mexico. What happens now?

I created a downloadable checklist of what couples can expect when they want to have a wedding at Hotel Xcaret Mexico. The download shows a flow of events that our couples normally experience from the resort when booking their wedding and room block with us at Hotel Xcaret Mexico.

*Please note – This does not mean it always happens this way and in this amount of time but, based on our experience and tracking, these are some “what’s next” type steps in the process and the ranges of time each step normally takes.

If you book your room block directly with the hotel or through another source this timing may differ, and you could experience longer wait times. This is just a general guide to help you have realistic expectations throughout this complete wedding date booking and room block booking process.

I find that couples have a bit more anxiety with how long things can take at this resort, so having an idea of what everyone else is also experiencing can help put most couples more at ease. Hopefully it helps you as well.

Click on the button below to download your Wedding & Room Block checklist.


Wedding and Room Block Checklist Button

Map of Ceremony & Reception Sites

Hotel Xcaret Ceremony & Reception Site Map

Map of Hotel Xcaret

Hotel Xcaret Resort Map
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